About House Concerts

Do love live music and enjoy entertaining?  Hosting a house concert might be just right for you.     For More info contact:  Info@judybrownmusic.com

What Is A House Concert?  

House concerts are just what they sound like, a complete concert performance with professional musicians located directly in the biggest room of your house.  

Most house concerts operate without a sound system. The shows are presented as solo, duo or trio performances. Occasionally an artist will bring a small amp for their keyboard or as voice reinforcement, but for the most part, these are entirely acoustic shows.  

A successful house concert depends on the enthusiasm and efforts of the host to introduce world class artists to their friends and family. A successful house concert host is more often than not a gregarious fun-loving person who is devoted to their community and loves music.  

House concert hosts promote the shows in their community through their personal contacts, by phone, email, and most importantly, word of mouth. Some concert rooms hold 25 people and some hold 60. Many hosts sell tickets in advance.  

House concerts are not free events. These shows are delivered by professional touring artists who have spent their lifetime learning their trade. House concerts have a triple function. They support the artists’ ability to make a living, they make music accessible on a grass roots level, and lastly, they connect people; a social engine that builds community.  



“Judy Brown is an amazing singer/songwriter! We enjoyed her warm presence together with family and friends. Judy loves to engage with her audience and filled the room with her songs and storytelling. It was a wonderful house concert and I hope to host Judy Brown again some day soon!”  -  Pam

“It was my pleasure to host an evening with local performer Judy Brown in my home.  Judy's original music resonates with appreciation and humour of love lost.  Family and friends who attended were full of praise of Judy's professionalism as a singer, song writer and musician. Judy held the room captive with her outstanding performance.  Judy's vocal talent is earthy and honest; her guitar playing and harmonica are outstanding.  I would highly recommend to anyone who wants an intimate, enjoyable musical experience in their home to book Judy Brown now.”  -  Diane

"I attended one of Judy Brown's house concerts in Nelson and was taken with her natural ease in performing her songs in an intimate setting. She is a captivating storyteller and a gifted singer-songwriter and musician. I look forward to her CD."  -  Kelly